We have bulbs a-plenty at Greenway  Pembroke (check out our page on Spring Flowering Bulbs for 2021) but how about this for an idea? Planting 'lasagne'-style with layers of bulbs to give waves of spring colour. Interested?

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And if you can't wait until spring, we have lots of the autumn flowering Crocus zonatus. Available as loose bulbs or ready planted in terracotta pots, they're just waiting for you to take them home so they can bloom their hearts out just to make you smile . A happy home is a zonatus zone....

Unfortunately we will be closed as required during the firebreak period, until November 9th. In the meantime we will be continuing to look after our plants, sort out our latest delivery of high quality composts and horticultural grit (did we mention we now have Strulch 100 litre bags?) and work on further improvements to Greenway. So stay safe everyone and we look forward to seeing you at the other end of the firebreak!


The Gardener's Centre in Pembroke

Welcome to Greenway Pemboke. 


Greenway Pembroke is a hidden gem of a garden centre set in a beautiful location and is favoured by gardeners who are looking for something a little different.  Something off the beaten track.  Something unusual or unique.  Want to grow something in your garden that your neighbour doesn't have? Looking for that special plant that you can't find in a Home and DIY store or a larger garden centre? Take a look around our plants and if you still can't find what you're looking for, tell us what your heart is set on and we'll check with our suppliers to see if we can get it for you. 


So in case you're new to us, Greenway Pembroke is an established garden centre under (very) new ownership, tucked away close to the Leisure Centre and Henry Tudor School in Pembroke (follow the brown signs for the Leisure Centre and you'll not be far away). Whether you're a new visitor or regular customer, because we've just taken over we'd love you to pop by and see what we're doing. Better still keep coming back to see the changes we'll be bringing in over the next year or so. But don't worry, it isn't all change. Greenway Pembroke will continue to focus on plants (that's why we all do this, right?). We guarantee that you'll never be able to buy a three course meal or the latest fashion accessory here but you will be able to browse around our wide range of plants at great prices (a range that we aim to widen further) but if browsing is not your thing then take a seat at one of our socially distanced benches and mull over what we have to offer. And if your partner doesn't like gardening you can simply park them on one of those benches and while they enjoy a little rest you can check out our glasshouse and polytunnel. 

Above all enjoy your time at Greenway Pembroke.  So why not pay us a visit?

Call and Collect Compost

In a hurry? Need compost but no time to browse? Call ahead on 01646 278200 and we'll get it ready for you by the entrance. You can even pay by card there. 

Contact Details:
Tel: 01646 278200
Email: greenwaypembroke@gmail.com

Opening Times: 

 Open 6 days a week : 10.00am-4.00pm

Wednesday: Closed

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