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Its Christmas!!!

Well okay, despite our nod towards Noddy Holder (see what we did there?) it isn't actually Christmas yet but at Greenway Pembroke Garden Centre we've got the festive season clearly in our sights.

Christmas wreaths are being made and our fresh cut trees have arrived. To be honest we're more excited than a reindeer in a field of carrots, because this year we're offering our customers something different. 

To make things easier at this busy time you can now buy online!
By buying online our customers have the option of selecting to pay by Clearpay, which will spread the cost into 4 interest-free payments. 
 Simply choose from our selection below and make your purchase.
You can let us know whether you'd like us to pick out your tree on your behalf or if you'd prefer to pop into the Garden Centre to select it yourself, from our available stock, by leaving us a note on the payment page. 
*Purchased trees will be stored by us, until collection or delivery* 

Either way, you'll have secured your Christmas Tree with minimum fuss!

We think we've got your Christmas pretty much gift-wrapped at Greenway Pembroke Garden Centre!

This year we've got four types of tree available, of a size, type and cost to suit everyone.

Norway Spruce

The classic! The original Christmas icon, its a symmetrical tree with stiff branches perfect for holding heavier decorations. Its Christmas perfect... 

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Fraser fir 

We love these.  Considered the best for needle retention, its slimmer, more conical shape make this a great choice for smaller rooms.


Nordmann Fir 

This is a fuller tree, the needles are very long lasting and rarely drop. It also has a wonderful scent.

Blue Spruce
Something different. Don't follow the herd. Go blue this Christmas.

Christmas Door Wreath
Celebrate this festive season with one of our stunning door wreaths. Show the world where Christmas lives. 
Got more than one door? Our different wreath styles mean no doors need be left out.

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Memorial Wreath
Simple and respectful.

Memorial Cross
Memorial Cross made with fresh foliage and adorned with flowers, cones and deluxe ribbon. Each design is one-of-a-kind.

Christmas Table Centrepiece.
These are made with a selection of fresh foliage, dried fruits and cones and artificial floral additions. Fresh roses can be used on request (but additional costs will apply).

Please contact us using the form below for any questions regarding our Christmas trees, wreaths and table decorations.

Contact Us

Thank you for your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a Merry Greenway Christmas!

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