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"Funny thing, compost" Many people think compost is compost is compost. The only difference is price because its all the same isn't it? But at Greenway Pembroke we know different.  Its what your plants depend on and not all composts are made equal.  ​Take peat for example. Greenway has stocked the Sylvagrow peat free compost for many years but, when taking over the business in 2020, we made a conscious decision to stop selling peat based composts and to increase our range of peat free products.   Why do this? Isn't peat great for our gardens? To be sure its a good product and many plants do well in it but frankly its harvested from delicate and unique ecosystems, reducing biodiversity and we know that these habitats will take forever to re-establish, if at all. We didn't want to be part of that. Still not convinced? Well peat bogs also absorb and store water and its in this wet low oxygen environment that we get only partial decomposition of the plant material (which is what peat is). Dig the peat up and put it on your garden, then this decomposition will restart and ultimately release thousands of years of stored carbon back into the atmosphere. Yup - peat bogs are amazing carbon sinks. Also by removing the peat bogs you're taking away a huge natural sponge, something that can contribute to local flooding. And then there's the product itself. Some are definitely better than others. That may be in terms of the nutrient value available to the plants or how long the compost will support your plants before you need to apply fertilizer or 'plant food'. Some may be more suitable for acid-loving plants or for heavy feeding vegetable plants. They're all different.​ As we said...."Funny thing, compost". ​

We have personally tried and tested several different brands on site over the years and would highly recommend both the Melcourt and RocketGro products but if you've not used these composts before, we have samples on site so that you can see how they look and feel before you buy!


Melcourt is the UK’s leading supplier of mulches, growing media and soil improvers, based on bark, wood and other natural materials.  A leader in innovation and high quality for nearly four decades, Melcourt has developed a range of products that is second to none, with excellent environmental sustainability.


RocketGro was developed in 2020.
The core nutrient rich ingredient in their products is the by-product of renewable energy production at their farm in Somerset.
Their range of composts, soil improving, soil conditioning and natural fertiliser products are made for outdoor plants and gardens, allotments, containers & baskets.
They are high in organic matter, family, pet and worm friendly and loved by plants & nature.
100% peat-free bio-active gardening wonder products!

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Recommended for use only as a garden mulch


Strulch is manufactured in Britain, entirely from locally sourced quality wheat straw with added iron minerals. The patented process stabilises and colours the straw producing and easy-to-use garden mulch.


For use on borders, raised beds, around cultivated fruit and on vegetable plots.


Leave on beds for more than one year or work into the soil at the end of the season to improve soil structure and drainage.

Please note that Strulch darkens with age when spread or in the bags to produce an earthy brown colour

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