We have them in stock. The ultimate in delayed gratification.


Spring flowering bulbs.

See them. Want them. Plant them... and forget about them, only to fall in love with them all over again when they burst above ground as the days start to lengthen and you feel the first hint of warmth in the sunshine.

We believe we've got something for everyone.

We have an awesome selection of  daffodils and narssici chosen for their stunning colours, interesting flower heads and amazing fragrance.

Tulips - in the 1600's tulips were changing hands at thousands of guilders at a time. The tulips we have at Greenway Pembroke are a fraction of those prices but you can see why these bold exotic looking blooms were, and still are, so popular.  Ranging from select beauties such as Carnival de Nice and Copper Image (and of course the ever popular Queen of the Night) to the larger value bags of gorgeous short stemmed tulips Greigii Beautiful Balance that are perfect for surviving those Pembrokeshire spring gales.

We have bluebells - not the invasive Spanish blue bell but bulbs of our native Hyacinthoides non-scripta. Stunning, relevant and wildlife friendly. 

Snowdrops.  True harbingers of spring that brave even the coldest and darkest of months. Inspiring. Perfect.

Alliums. Fireworks of the spring garden. Note that we have a very limited number of the giant Globemaster with stems up to 80 cm (almost 3 feet!) high; perfect if you have a young child who loves standing next to flowers.

GW snowdrop.jpg

Just because its not mentioned doesn't mean we haven't got it. We have species and varieties of your favourite (and soon to be favourite) spring flowering bulbs in abundance at Greenway Pembroke.