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quick and easy solution for hanging baskets and container plantings - beautiful and abundant displays from Autumn through to late Spring! 

Just 'drop' and watch the colours 'pop'!

What Is It?

The Speedplanter is a special 30cm wide net pot pre-planted in a range of colour themes.

Each one is created using 7 premium choice plants with proven garden performance and the compost is pre-charged with slow release fertiliser to give the finished container or basket longevity in the garden.

What Are The Benefits?

Because the Speedplanters are developed in the net pot, there is no root disturbance and therefore no extra stress placed on the plants when planted into a basket or container.  The plants can simply grow on and on!

No worrying over which bedding to choose - you simply select the colour scheme to suit your garden, safe in the knowledge that the appropriate bedding plants will produce the desired effect. 


How Do I Plant It?

Simply place the Speedplanter on top of a patio container or basket pre-filled with compost. Water the container and within just a few weeks the net pot will root through for a highly colourful display.

Fill Container with Compost.jpg
pansy speedplanter.jpg

These ready-made planters are ideal if you are short on time and don't have the space but still want to achieve stunning displays.


They are also great value at £10.99 per planter or 2 for £20!

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