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Water adds something special to a garden.  To us at Greenway a garden without a water  feature of any kind just isn't, well, a garden. 

Those of you who love their ponds and have visited us already, you will have seen our expanded range of pond and marginal plants. From the tiniest flowering Anagallis to the mighty Gunnera (yes - we have Gunnera!) we have them here at Greenway Pembroke Garden Centre.


Not content, we've taken that one water-gardening step further and we're now selling pond and coldwater  fish too.


We stock fish suitable for all types of ponds from the largest ornamental lake to the smallest wildlife pond, and our range of species will be increasing. So why not come and check out out our new fish section and put some movement into your pond? 

Pond fish we typically stock are koi, goldfish, mirror carp, golden tench and golden rudd plus smaller fish suitable for wildlife pond such as sticklebacks. When they're available we will also have some of the more unusual goldfish varieties such as pond-hardy calico veil tails and Bristol shubunkins.

If you don't fancy fish but still want some movement interest than we have a range of water features, both mains and solar, that will make your garden sparkle.

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