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Alpines encompass a range of plants from bulbs, shrubs and perennials. Most form cushion-like mounds, or slowly spreading carpets, with small jewel-like flowers.

A popular way to grow them is to combine several different plants together as a collection, amongst gravel or rocks to mimic their natural habitats on mountain slopes, or you can grow them in pots (as we've done here) and place them where you can admire their beauty.

alpine planter.jpg
alpine saxifrage_edited.jpg
alpine sedum.jpg
alpine aurinia_edited.jpg
alpine saxifrage apple blossom_edited.jpg
alpine saxifrage close up.jpg

What's Available?

We stock a wide range of Alpine plants which can be found in our polytunnel over the winter months and during early spring, as potted alpines do not like Pembrokeshire's excessive winter rainfall. All are grown here in the UK (with a growing selection of our alpines grown right here in Pembrokeshire!). ​Keep an eye on our webpage and our social media platforms as our range changes throughout the year and, as ever, if you're looking for a particular plant, let us know and we'll do our best to help!

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