Welcome to Greenway Pembroke
Garden Plants and Water-Gardening in Pembrokeshire

If you're looking for garden plants, pond plants or pond fish and accessories, why not pay us a visit? 

Some people say we’re hard to find. A mythical garden centre hidden in plain sight in Pembroke. What we say is if you know…you know…but if you don’t know, get into the know and pay us a visit at Greenway Pembroke (and if you don’t know, here’s how to find us, if you know what I mean).

The summer is rumbling along, giving us unprecedented heat waves and rain in equal measure. This is the time of year when your garden is bursting with colour and your vegetable beds are coming to fruition (literally!). At Greenway Pembroke we’ve more trees, shrubs and perennials than ever before, growing and bursting into flower just for you. All they want is for you to take them home.

Our spring flowering bulbs are now in stock. Treat yourself. Plant your Spring today!

We love water gardening and those of you who love their ponds and have visited us, will have already seen our expanded range of pond and marginal plants. From the tiniest flowering Anagallis to the mighty Gunnera (yes - we have Gunnera!) we have them here at Greenway Pembroke. Not content, we've taken that one water-gardening step further and we're now selling pond fish too. We stock fish suitable for all types of ponds from the largest ornamental lake to the smallest wildlife pond, and our range of species will be increasing. So why not come and check out out our new fish section and put some movement into your pond?
If you don't fancy fish but still want some movement interest than we have a range of water features, both mains and solar, that will make your garden sparkle.



We now stock the biggest and most diverse range of Thompson & Morgan seeds in Pembrokeshire, including Kew Pollination seeds which were specially selected by the experts at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew to attract and support a wide range of pollinators. They are beautifully packaged and would make an ideal gift!


We are delighted to be able to offer our customers the Rocketgro range of peat free composts; "Black Gold" and "Garden Gold" along with "Magic Mulch" to supercharge your garden! All products are 100% organic , peat free and chemical free and are generated from renewable energy production at their farm in Somerset. You can find out more from their website www.rocketgro.co.uk

At Greenway Pembroke we're helping you to help our little feathered friends.  Most of our garden birds will be happily feasting on insects and other natural food sources but starting in the autumn we can start to supplementary feed to help them through the winter.  That's why we stock a variety of bird foods, feeders and nesting boxes. Well, that and for their own intrinsic natural beauty.

If you're struggling for gift ideas for a gardening friend or relative we can help. We've National Garden Gift Vouchers which can be purchased and are perfect to slip into a birthday or greetings card. If you want something more substantial we are happy to create planted pot displays from our range of plants and pots onsite. These can be ordered in person, by telephone or via social media.

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The Gardener's Centre in Pembroke

We are now on seasonal opening hours of 10.00a.m. to 4.00pm open every day including Sundays